Art Therapy For Adults

Art therapy is one of the forms of psychotherapy, based on creativity and self-expression. The approach is used as a means to relieve stress, increase self-esteem and awareness, and also for post traumatic recovery. Most other forms of therapy use verbal language to express feelings and overcome personal barriers.   In contrast, art therapy allows for more abstract forms of… Read more →

Singing As A Passion

For those who want to sing, improvisation is the best way to express yourself   Singing for sure makes you feel good! It has long been proven that singing improves mood and well-being. it’s not for nothing that people singing in the shower feel like they have received a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.   It turns out that… Read more →

Healing Of The Broken Heart

Have you had your heart broken just recently? Scientists have told how to distract ourselves in order to forget about your ex.   Many consider the broken heart as a beautiful poetic phrase, but in reality this is a serious medical condition.   Faced with painful parting people can become victims of the syndrome of a broken heart, and numerous studies… Read more →

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